Underwriting Guidelines


Restrictions on creative content

Underwriting creatives may contain the following:

  • Non-promotional, value-neutral descriptions of the organization and its products or services
  • Names of operating divisions and subsidiaries
  • Organizational mission language that identifies and does not promote or state an opinion
  • Established slogans (verbatim) that identify and do not promote
  • Length of time in business
  • Non-promotional calls to action (eg, "Learn more »", "More information »"), phone numbers and web addresses subordinate to the underwriter's name and logo
  • To help identify an underwriter, specific products may be mentioned in text, and product images may be used as secondary design elements subordinate to the underwriter's name and logo. The use of such imagery is limited.
  • Minimal/tasteful use of animation

Underwriting creatives may not contain the following:

  • Promotional language
  • Direct or promotional calls to action (eg, "Buy now...", "Hurry...")
  • Price and value information
  • Inducements to donate, buy, sell, rent or lease (reward programs, warranties, portions of purchase donated to charity, vehicle donation programs, holiday mentions related to sales of products)
  • Health claims
  • Language that expresses a view about a matter of public importance or interest or which supports or opposes a political candidate
  • 900 numbers or other services where the user is charged a fee for access

Creative technical standards

All Sizes:

  • Typefaces should be large enough to be legible at 800x600 screen resolution
  • Unless specifically accepted, no real or mimicked user controls or interactive elements are permitted
  • Client must provide click-through URL
  • Creatives must include a visible 1 pixel border of any non-white color


  • Animation must be frame-based
  • Animation length cannot be longer than 15 seconds and is limited to one loop


  • File must be.gif or .jpg
  • Maximum file size of 30K for static, 40K for animated


  • File must be .gif or .jpg
  • Maximum file size of 30K for static, 40K for animated


  • File must be.gif or .jpg
  • Maximum file size of 20K for static, 30K for animated