Self-Assessment: Solid Solutions

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This self-assessment page completes the Solid Solutions module, and covers material from the following sessions.

On this page are a simple weekly quiz and solutions; relevant exam problems and solutions from the 2009 class; help session videos that review selected solutions to the exam problems; and supplemental exam problems and solutions for further study.


Weekly Quiz and Solutions

This short quiz is given approximately once for every three lecture sessions. You should work through the quiz problems in preparation for the exam problems.

Exam Problems and Solutions

These exam problems are intended for you to demonstrate your personal mastery of the material, and should be done alone, closed-book, with just a calculator, the two permitted reference tables (periodic table, physical constants), and one 8 1/2" x 11" aid sheet of your own creation.

After you've taken the exam, watch the help session videos below for insights into how to approach some of the exam problems.

Exam Help Session Videos

In these videos, 3.091 teaching assistants review some of the exam problems, demonstrating their approach to solutions, and noting some common mistakes made by students.

Flash and JavaScript are required for this feature.

Download the complete lectures from this course:

» iTunes U
» Internet Archive

Supplemental Exam Problems and Solutions

These additional exam problems from prior years' classes are offered for further study.


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